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The law firm that is now Hulston, Jones & Marsh, LLC was founded over forty years ago by Donald W. Jones. From the firm's beginning, Don Jones focused on building a labor law practice to fight for the rights of employers and union members. During the 1980s, Jones partnered with John K. Hulston. Hulston was a prominent businessman, banker, and lawyer who maintained a thriving probate practice. Together, Jones and Hulston managed a productive firm that remains active in business litigation of all kinds. The firm was reorganized as Hulston, Jones & Marsh, LLC on January 1, 2010. The current partners of the firm are Steven E. Marsh and Aaron D. Jones (of counsel). Donald W. Jones retired in 2015. John K. Hulston died in 2004.


John K. Hulston, a native of Ash Grove, Missouri, and alumnus of Drury College and the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School, began his practice of law in 1946. Hulston was the son-in-law of one of the most prominent attorneys in Springfield, Lewis Luster, who had served as the Clerk of the Missouri Court of Appeals sitting in Springfield. Hulston was one of the most sought after attorneys in the area, representing families with their estate planning needs and also representing a number of the top businesses in the area. He was especially known for his connection to Lester E. Cox Medical Centers and his long-time representation of Lester E. Cox and his family.

In addition to his law practice, Hulston was very successful in a variety of businesses, especially banking. He was known for his leadership in the Springfield community and for his alma maters, serving as a long-time member of the Board of Trustees at Drury College and providing financial leadership to the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law to enable the creation of John K. Hulston Hall in 1988. Hulston passed away in 2004.


Donald W. Jones, also a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia law school, began his practice of law in 1964 with the law firm Daniel, Clampett, Ellis & Rittershouse, primarily working under Ransom Ellis, Jr., in the area of labor law. After several years working for Ellis, who was considered by many to be the premier labor attorney in the Springfield area, Jones and a number of other young lawyers from established firms began building their own firm, initially known as Church, Jones & Prewitt. Jones was joined by Lindell Church and an attorney from the Miller, Sanford, Fairman & Carr law firm named James K. Prewitt. They were joined by Richard K. Wilson from the Farrington & Curtis law firm, William H. Karchmer, and a number of other attorneys over the years. Wilson left the firm to become in-house counsel for Strout Realty and Prewitt was appointed to the Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District, by Governor Joseph Teasdale.

Over the years, a number of attorneys who have worked for this firm have been elevated to the bench. In addition to James K. Prewitt as a Missouri Court of Appeals Judge, Bob Keeter was elected Associate Circuit Judge in the late 1980s and Calvin R. Holden was appointed Circuit Court Judge in the 1990s.

While the firm was known as Jones, Karchmer, Keeter, Nelms & Sullivan, with offices in downtown Springfield's Landmark Building, Jones earned his reputation for hard work and zealous representation of his clients. He is one of the only lawyers in Springfield who has argued a case before the United States Supreme Court.


In 1984 Jones and another attorney left the Jones-Karchmer firm and joined with Hulston to form a firm that eventually became known as Hulston, Jones & Associates. The firm varied in size over the years from as few as three attorneys, and as many as six.

The first associate hired by the then-new firm was Steve Marsh, then a recent graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Initially renting some space from the firm, Marsh became an associate and eventually a named partner in the firm. Marsh handled a variety of cases, including mechanics lien and construction work, personal injury, family law, and business representation. A noted student of the rules, Marsh mentors young lawyers and calms clients with his relaxed but persistent way of handling cases. He is now the senior managing partner of Hulston, Jones & Marsh, LLC.

Aaron Jones began work at the firm as a runner around the time he began his studies at Drury College in the early 1990s. After graduating from Drury with honors, Aaron went to law school, attending the University of Missouri-Columbia. He returned to the firm to begin his practice of law. Aaron spends much of his practice in the area of business and employment law and alternative dispute resolution. He also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has served on the Young Lawyers Council, the Board of Governors of the Missouri Bar, and is Trustee of Drury University.

The firm has operated as Hulston, Jones & Marsh, LLC, since January 1, 2010. All of the attorneys in the firm have substantial experience in general litigation, unemployment hearings, alternative dispute resolution, and administrative proceedings, and work hard to obtain the best results possible for their clients.